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If you already own an AIS Receiver you can send your data to our servers and instantly cover your area. The setup process is totally automatic and you will get your exclusive TCP/UDP port within a minute

In give back you will get a "Chief Officer" account with exclusive features.

We have develop a real-time station report centre that you gonna use to monitor your stations. Click here to see real-time data from one of our stations

Setup Process

  1. Create your Free Account
  2. Login to myShipTracking
  3. Open My Stations in your account settings
  4. Click the button Add New Station
  5. Fill up the form as requested and press Add Station to submit it. Instantly you will be informed about the IP Address and the unique UDP/TCP Port for your station
  6. Open your stations list and click on the new station entry to open the extended info page
  7. Setup your feed and start sending data to our server. When you start to see vessel positions on the map everything is OK!
  8. Your account is now automatically upgrade!

If you have problems in any of the steps please Contact Us and our support team will be happy to help